Kamagra Chewable (Sildenafil Chewable)


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Brand Sildenafil Tablets
Manufacturers Ajanta Pharma Ltd (India)
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging 4 tablets in 1 strip
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The Kamagra Chewable Is Upgraded Jelly Version Of Erection Inducing Pill

Experiencing the condition of sexual limitation by males is quite distressing. Especially when it is happening frequently with the limited capability of males to achieve suitable erections for the proper sexual act. When this limited ability is there at a chronic rate, then it is a sign and symptom of erectile dysfunction. However, it is crucial to explore the different therapies available and to achieve a practical approach to sexual disorders to achieve the best outcome. It is not just the patient but also the partner who will be feeling the ill effects of this sexual difficulty.

Have an open and extremely honest conversation with your partner, or general practitioner about all the struggles that you are encountering due to your erection limitation. After all, it will be taking two individuals to tango! The use of Kamagra Chewable jelly is quite often recommended by physicians to patients having erection limitations. This is high quality, FDA-approved jelly version of Kamagra serving as a perfect alternative for men who dislike swallowing the pill. This is a unique type of pill coming in distinct flavors and facilitating faster actions.

Sexual illnesses are undeniably the killer of the couple’s pleasures. It also eliminates the romantic feelings between partners. But now there is a working mechanism in the form of the Kamagra Chewable to enhance sexual experiences by curbing the signs and symptoms of impotence. The Kamagra Chewable is an upgraded Jelly version of erection-inducing medication that helps men to hard on by raising the level of sensitivity of the penis. So, if you intend to enhance your sexual playtime and pleasure, then oral Kamagra jelly is definitely for you. As it is no harming, completely natural and patients can stay assured about its safety and efficacy. Being the jelly version, this is best for people who hate to swallow pills, and you can take it in different flavors like strawberry, orange, banana as well as pineapple.

Manufacturer of Kamagra Chewable

Kamagra oral is a brand of sexual Wellness product which is introduced by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals. In fact this company is coming under the list of the top-notch erectile disfunction drug makers in India as well as abroad. The designer of this medication has come up with a very interesting oral and flavorful jelly type with fewer side effects and faster actions than other versions.

Composition of Kamagra Oral

The main actionable substance that is present in this erection-inducing pill is Sildenafil. Which is responsible for its working principle.

Uses of  Kamagra Chewable

This is a quick in action erection inducing and correcting pill and it is taking just half of the duration before you will begin to realise the effect of sildenafil-reactant, in hardening your penis

Working principle of Kamagra Chewable

The principal substance which is responsible for hardening the penis and inducing adequate erections is Sildenafil. This Jelly version of erection erection-boosting product demonstrates the inhibitory action to the PDE-5 hormone and this is causing the greater concentration of cGMP. There will be supplementation in the blood flow to the penile tissues leading to the vasodilation impact of nitric oxide existing in the blood vessels. So when you start using the Kamagra Jelly, within a few minutes you will start experiencing the action of generic Kamagra, and this is raising the sensitivity level of your penis, causing high-quality and sustainable erections.

How to take Kamagra Chewable?

The Kamagra Chewable 100 is quick action drug and its effect can last for as much as 4 hours of time. The best is to take it one hour before commencing the sexual activity. The maximum allowable permissible dosage is one tablet a day.

Side effects of taking Kamagra Chewable

Some of the adversities of taking Kamagra Chewable include:

  • Headache
  • Skin rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Numbness
  • Burning sensation of leg/ arms
  • Stuffiness in nose
  • Loss of hearing
  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Dizziness

If you experience any trouble or discomfort after taking Kamagra Oral, immediately rush to your Nearby medical facility!

Drug Contradictions

Certain medications are counter-interacting with the substance sildenafil citrate. Through the interaction with this or any other compound present in this medication, the conflicting products reduce their effectiveness or may trigger adverse effects. However, patients should stop using such conflicting products owing to the purpose of safety.

Here are some of the drugs that have demonstrated conflicting reactivity with the generic sildenafil:

  • Alpha-blockers pills
  • Antacids
  • Beta-blockers
  • Antibiotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Antifungal pills
  • Blood-thinning products
  • Anti-epilepsy pills
  • Other ED drugs
  • Heart medicines
  • HIV/AIDS medicines
  • Medicines with nitrates compounds
  • Aprepitant pills
  • Butalbital pills
  • Cimetidine
  • & others

Drug Warning and Safety Measures

  • Make sure to inform your physician if you are already using some medications. Provide information with regard to any other erectile dysfunction therapy you are undergoing
  • Also never utilize Kamagra oral jelly when you are already taking medicines that comprises of nitrates. It is quite risky to take this medication when you are already taking poppers
  • There is a need to introduce some Lifestyle changes while you are under therapy with this drug. Limit your intake of alcohol, avoid driving or using any heavy machinery which requires alertness as this drug may lead to dizziness
  • This medication is not intended to be used by women, children, or adults under 18 years. It’s a complete no for people who are suffering from leading health illnesses as well as breastfeeding or pregnant women.
  • If the patient has cardiac, liver, or kidney disease and doesn’t take this medicine
  • Inform doctor in case you have undergone recent surgery or any other therapeutic procedure

What are perfect storage conditions for Kamagra oral?

Make sure to store the packet of Kamagra oral jelly in an air-tight container at the condition of room temperature. Also, it should be away from any sort of sources of moisture/ heat or direct sunlight. Dispose off all your expired pills in a proper way.

From where I can buy Kamagra Chewable?

Now there is a tasty and discrete manner for addressing your issue of erectile dysfunction and enhancing your performance in bed with Kamagra Chewable jelly. This remedy for sexual limitation is stimulating the flow of blood to the male genital and now get ready to buy Kamagra Chewable tablet online with a full guarantee of the product quality and services. With many years of experience in sourcing extraordinary deals on sexual Wellness products from top-notch manufacturers worldwide, the online pharmacy store is committed to providing greater savings to all the esteemed & valuable customers.

The ultimate goal of the e-Commerce platform is to improve the health outcomes for customers through efficient, means with greater savings. Get ready to set up the monthly delivery of your products today and take control of the prescription drug by adjusting or canceling anytime.

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